Presentation of the Knowledge Book:
Conversations with Outstanding Thinkers of Our Time

On October 27, 2011 in St. Petersburg in the Bookstore of Writers on Nevsky Prospect, the presentation
of the "Knowledge Book: Conversations with Outstanding Thinkers of Our Time" was held with the
participation of D.A. Granin, Soviet and Russian writer, screenwriter, public figure and other famous
writers and intellectuals. The book was compiled by Konstantin von Barlevien and Galina Naumova. A
collection of interviews with prominent personalities from various fields of knowledge of the twentieth
century: culture, politics, religion and science, expressing their opinions on the global problems of the
modern world.
The project of the Intercultural Library of the Twentieth Century, which is the basis of this book, brought
together such world-famous scientists as the founder of structuralism, French anthropologist Claude
Levi-Strauss, psychoanalyst and linguist Yulia Kristeva, philosopher-medologist Regis Debre, political
scientist Samuel Huntington, economist D. Kenneth Galbraith, philosopher Leszek Kolakowski, writer
and politician, former president of the Czech Republic Vaclav Havel, architect Oscar Niemeyer, as well as
Nobel Prize winners - Elie Wiesel, Russian-Belgian chemist and physicist Ilya P Rygozhin, Polish-
Lithuanian poet Cheslav Myosha, Nadin Gordimer, Vole Sojinka and many other people who left,
according to the authors of the book, a noticeable trace in the cultural development of mankind.
The work on the project took a whole decade.
Book of Knowledge: Conversations with outstanding thinkers of our time / Translated from French by G.
Naumova. - M .: ProgressTradition, 2010
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