Project «At the crossroads of civilizations of the XXI century»

Within the framework of cooperation of the Charity foundation «KOVCHEG» (in St. Petersburg), the Association MIRACLES (in Paris) with the Presidential Library of B.N. Yeltsin, with the participation of the Russian Spiritual Cultural Center (in Paris), the French Association Cercle Pouchkinе (in Paris), Figaro and video connecting of Russian universities a videoconference with Youth for the future of greater Europe:
Russia and the European crisis was held 12.09.2018.

The project includes a number of projects aimed at improving relations and understanding between Russia and the EU countries, in particular, France and Germany.

Dialogue among elites has been and remains a reliable means for better
understanding. Thus, the project "Dialogue of elites. Politics, business, culture" in cooperation with the Trianon dialogue (in Paris) is a series of meetings with representatives of European politics, economy and culture.
The guest of this meeting was a representative of big business and politics Jean Pierre Thomas, former adviser to the President of France N. Sarkozy in Russia.
The videoconference was an intellectual discussion of Russian and European youth on topical issues of world politics and economy, culture in the context of the prospects of relations between Russia and the West and taking into account current realities.

Students of Russian universities had the opportunity to ask their questions to an expert with 25 years of experience in the field of economic and political relations between Europe and Russia, as well as their peers, French students and young professionals, members of the Cercle Pouchkinе.

The purpose of this project is to acquaint Russian and European youth, intellectual and University circles with the leading directions of intellectual, political and economic life of modern Russia and Europe, in personal contact and open dialogue to exchange views on the most important issues of our time.

Live communication and intellectual discourse, publications on the results of the meetings will contribute to the common contribution of Russia and France in solving the problems of the crisis in relations between Russia and the European Union and deepening understanding between peoples.

Leading conference in St. PETERSBURG
Galina Naumova, President of Association MIRACLES, Paris
Director of international relations Charity foundation «KOVCHEG»

Leading in Russian Spiritual Cultural Center in Paris
Alexander Mustafa, Vice President of the Cercle Pouchkinе
Isabel Schmitz, editor of Figaro

Project participants from the Russian side

Russian universities Moscow, St. Petersburg, Siberian universities

Participants of the meetings from the French side
The Cercle Pouchkinе, Representatives of the circles of French politics, intellectual world and big business

Geography of the project
St. Petersburg: Presidential Library of B.N. Yeltsin
Paris: Russian Spiritual Cultural Center
Russian University

The format of the meetings
* Dialogue with the lead guest in the question-answer format.
* Discussions with representatives of Russian and European youth on the basis of the proposed topics. The choice of topics with the agreement of the participants on both sides.

Topic of discussion
The focus is on the global issues of the modern world and modern man.
* crisis of the European spirit, search for new ways and creation of new myths
* the role of the media and communication in the modern world, how the image of the enemy is created

* issues of human survival (ecology, resources, terrorism)
* secularization of the world and loss of spirituality, the role of religion in the modern world
* relationship between science, religion and politics
* urbanization of the world and loss of linguistic wealth and cultural diversity
* morality of power and relativity of freedom
* the power of the market and the cult of money in the modern world
* * the responsibility of everyone for the future of the world, how should this be manifested?

Information support
Russian and French media
Video documentation of projects

Administrative support from Russian organizations• The Russian Embassy in Paris
• Russian Spiritual Cultural Center
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