Edgar Morin

The French sociologist and philosopher Edgar Morin (real name Edgar Naum) is worldwide known as the founder and supporter of complex thinking. He develops a comprehensive
project of sociology, the center of which the principles of uncertainty, self-organization and dialogue.

Recognized international authority in the development of the General theory of systems and principles of complex cognition, Edgar Morin is named in the encyclopedia published by The international society for the study of complex systems in 1997 among the 30 most outstanding scientists.
Morin's books are published in Russian:

* About the nature of the USSR: Totalitarian complex and new Empire. M.: RSUH, 1995
1 part Method. Nature of Nature: Progress-Tradition, 2005

* To the abyss? Vers l'abimes? SPb, Aleteya, 2010 translation by G. Naumova

* Land of The Motherland. Terre Patrie. SPb, Russian culture, 2013 translation by G.Naumova

In the book" To the abyss?" Edgar Morin presented a synthesis of his work. In the inevitability of disaster, according to the author, lies a chance for salvation. The chaos in which humanity risks drowning is, in a way, an outlet to positive feedback - feed-back positif rebirth and transformation. As the caterpillar dies in a cocoon to become a butterfly - the
destruction of the caterpillar is a preliminary act of transformation. This is the metamorphosis.

We are in the initial stage of chaos and the only prospect is metamorphosis. In the book "Land of the Motherland" E. Morin calls for awareness of the common destiny of earthlings, for a deep understanding of the relationship of all life and our common
responsibility for the future of the planet.
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