Consolidation with the assosiation MIRACLES

Beginning of the year 2017 for the KOVCHEG Foundation marked with signing of the Agreement on cooperation and prescription (our partner is French Association MIRACLES) and the start of joint activities to promote the Cultural and Educational Project "ColorfulRussia" into the European Union and the project "Dialogue Elite. At the crossroads of civilizations of the XXI century" in Russia and France.

MIRACLES, headquartered in Paris, has been organizing international meetings of scientists, artists, painters and writers since 2004. On account of the Association MIRACLES there are a large amount of Conferences, Presentations, Festivals, Round Tables with the participation of prominent Scientists, Politicians, Writers, Artists, Artists, and also participating in publishing events.

The head of the Association MIRACLES is Galina NAUMOVA, one of the founders of the Charitable Foundation KOVCHEG.
Российский благотворительный фонд содействия культурно-просветительским программам – Ковчег

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