The year from the date of transfer of the SMOLNY CATHEDRAL

January 25, 2017 there is the celebration in Smolny Cathedral a joyful event - exactly one year
past from the date of transfer of the Cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church.
In this day of St. martyr Tatiana there was the ceremony of awarding the honorary sign of St. martyr Tatiana of students and young peoples' mentors who distinguished themselves in
educational and social activities and also the solemn service was held, which was organized by
the Association "Pokrovt".
The colleagues of the foundation, including the President of the Charitable Foundation
KOVCHEG Alexey Ardalionovich Kluntin, participate in the reconstruction of the interiors and
the re-creation of the resurrection of Smolny Cathedral, which is a part of the architectural
ensemble of Smolny convent in Saint Petersburg.
Rector Peter Mukhin is the archpriest of the Voskresensky Smolny Cathedral.
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