• Modernity
    We have introduced new technologies and carry out charitable activities in the interests of society and its citizens.
  • Transparency
    Transparency of the work of the Charitable foundation KOVCHEG is one of the main indicators among organizations.
  • Competence
    The Foundation specializes exclusively in projects with new technologies in the field of education, culture and education.
The charitable foundation "KOVCHEG" was created in 2016 for the successful implementation of historical and educational projects on the territory of educational institutions of the Russian Federation - "HISTORY IN COLORS" and in exhibition spaces of the Diplomatic Representations of the Russian Federation in foreign countries - "COLORFUL RUSSIA". As well as other projects aimed at improving the cultural and patriotic level.

The basis of the projects is the presentation of the cultural and historical experience of Russia. The aim of the projects is the public familiarizing with the obvious events of Russian history, which is the key to a better understanding of the ideas and values of the Russian world.

These innovative projects are various thematic expositions telling about fundamental sign events, which are specially designed with electronic applications that are offered to visitors of the exhibition.
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Areas of work of the Foundation
  • Cultural and
    educational projects
    Cultural and educational projects are social non-profit projects aimed at ensuring more complete and qualitative access to information for the General population. The Fund reveals the most pressing problems, provides an increase in the information culture of the audience.
  • Preservation of historical, cultural and spiritual heritage
    The topic of historical heritage has been discussed by the Russian public for a considerable time, it is an important and system-forming state project. Work with historical projects, support the interest of the society and monitoring of public significance – it is the daily work of the Foundation KOVCHEG.
  • Innovative project
    The Fund implements several unique innovative projects based on NFC and GLONASS-GPS technologies, many of which have no analogues in Russia and in the world. The projects represent interactive museum and presentation technologies, as well as augmented reality systems.
  • Publishing activity
    Publishing projects are implemented both by the Foundation KOVCHEG directly and with the support of sponsorship and philanthropic organizations and partner companies. Currently, the main part of publishing projects is implemented in the education sector, consists of cultural and spiritual projects.
Klyuntin Alexey Ardalionovich

10/23/1966 born Tallinn Estonian SSR, graduated 9 secondary school. Since 1982 - Cleric of the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, part-time reader of the Temple of the Kazan Mother of God, under the leadership of Father Eugene Nasikaylo. Starting in 1984 - the Subdeacon, served Patriarch Alexy II Ridiger and Bishop Cornelius Jacobs. In 1996 moved to St. Petersburg. First of all, was a cleric and a restorer in the Church of the Savior on the Hand-made Image on the Konyushennaya Square under the authority of Father Konstantin Smirnov. Then moved to Holy Trinity Cathedral of the Life Guards Izmailovsky Regiment under the leadership of Archpriest Gennady Bartov. After 4.5 years passed under the authority of Archpriest Peter Mukhin to the blessing of the Higher Educational Institutions. Participated in the works related to the reconstruction of the Holy Resurrection Smolny Cathedral. Currently engaged in social activities, the education of young people and the creation of an optimal human environment.

Naumova Galina, candidate of philology

Culturologist, writer, translator, literary critic. Graduated from the Leningrad State University philology department, defended her thesis on German-language literature. 1992-1999 Researcher at the Institute for Comparative Research in Munich. Author of several books on history and poetic anthropology, published in France, Russia, Germany, Spain, the Czech Republic and other countries. The initiator and organizer of large international projects under the auspices of the UN and UNESCO, such as "Understanding" of progress "in different cultures", Intercultural visual library of the 20th century" (UNESCO, ARTE (Germany, France)) - conversations with outstanding thoughts of the 20th century. 2006 President of the Miracles Association, Paris, (meetings of Russian and French intellectuals). Since 2016, the Co-Founder of the Foundation and the Head of the Dialogue of Elites Project have been discussing the most important problems of our time at international videoconferences in the Presidential Library in Saint Petersburg.

Sulimov Dmitry Anatolyevich

Foundation projects

Permanent exhibitions in spaces of schools' recreation of the Russian Federation. The history of Russia in the paintings of Russian and European artists, equipped with an audio guide in a special application.

Permanent exhibitions HISTORY in COLORS in exhibition spaces and Universities of European and Asian cities. The history of Russia and its interaction with foreign countries in the paintings of Russian and European artists, equipped with a multi-language audio guide in a special application. Formation of the cultural image of Russia as a multi-national state with a huge artistic heritage.

Collections of classic and modern fairy tales, fables, stories with bright, colorful illustrations of young artists on paper and digital media, equipped with audio versions, video files, in a friendly form of presentation for preschool and primary school children. Mini-tours to mini-exhibitions in kindergartens and primary schools. Offsite interactive performances made by young actors, accompanied by specially written music and with the support of modern multimedia technologies.

Thanks to specially developed software, museum pieces equipped with beacons transmit text, audio and video information to smartphones and tablets of museum and exhibition visitors. Thus, the attraction of different age groups and primarily young people focused on visual images and technical means of obtaining information is carried out.

Communication in the formats of conferences, round tables, teleconferences between representatives of business, politics, religion, education in Russia and Europe to discuss and solve both pressing issues and problems, as well as eternal, global and philosophical issues and disputes. Held with the support of the Presidential library of Yeltsin B.N.

Quarterly almanac about art and business, religion and politics, eternal values and antiques. Printed and electronic versions. By subscription.

Gifts and system of awarding the winners of sports, art and intellectual competitions. Paintings, icons, Souvenirs from the Foundation KOVCHEG and the School of Crafts project.

Reconstruction of the interior of the resurrection Smolny Cathedral in St. Petersburg in accordance with sketches by Bartolomeo Rastrelli. Publication of an album and a Book on the history of the Cathedral. Creating a mobile application OUR SMOLNY CATHEDRAL and augmented reality technology.

Creation of the unique in its design vocational school on the basis of Alexandro-Nevskaya Lavra, which allows students starting from the second year, to ensure their education and maintenance.
Klyuntin Alexey Ardalionovich
Project manager
+7 964 337 34 54
E-mail: al@kovcheg.vip
Naumova Galina Valerievna
Project manager
+336 243 036 97
E-mail: gala.naoumova@mail.ru
Sulimov Dmitry Anatolyevich
Executive Director
+7 921 932 60 60
E-mail: sda@kovcheg.vip
Schultz Anna
E-mail: anna.s@kovcheg.vip

Kalinin Alexander
E-mail: ak@kovcheg.vip
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